Q : Who do I need to contact to obtain my admission date and time for my surgery at George Surgical Centre?

A: Please contact your doctor’s rooms for all admission information.

Q : To whom do I need to give my authorisation number?

A : Please phone your doctor’s reception with your obtained authorisation and to confirm your booking.

Q : Eye Patients: How do I use my eye drops ?

A : You will receive a patient information file explaining all the details of your procedure, but feel free to contact your doctor’s rooms if you need assistance.

Q: How long will my stay be at the hospital?

A: Your stay will depend on your procedure. We are a day hospital and no overnight bag is needed.

Q : Will I be able to drive myself home after the surgery?

A : Please arrange for someone to drive you home on discharge.

Q : Will there be a co-payment on the hospital account ?

A : Please confirm with your medical aid regarding any co-payments or contact the hospital . All payments are payable before or on admission.

Q: How many accounts will there be for my surgery?

A: There will be separate accounts for the hospital and surgeon respectively. The anaesthetist’s account will depend on your procedure.