The George Surgical Centre situated at 44 CJ Langenhoven Rd, George, has been operational since September 2012. It is a state-of-the-art Day Hospital, the first in the Southern Cape Region, providing surgical facilities for Comprehensive Eye Surgery, Advanced Corrective Laser Eye Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Orthopaedic Hand Surgery, Maxillofacial and Oral surgery, Cryosurgery as well as minimally invasive Neurosurgery procedures to all communities. Surgery is performed using the latest surgical techniques and the latest word-class technology available for these procedures. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in their fields and has built a reputation for providing quality and compassionate care.

Western Cape Minister of Health, Mr Theuns Botha did the unveiling of the hospital in 2012 and “welcomed the facility as a much-needed addition to the Western Cape’s medical sector” and said “it fits the provincial government’s wellness programme like a glove”. The programme is aimed at promoting preventative health care among citizens.  The George Surgical Centre has been involved with public private partnerships with the George Provincial hospital since its inception by means of regular and annual community health programmes such as Eyecare Awareness month. The Health Minister said this new facility is also in line with the department’s aim to make the Western Cape a sought-after international medical destination. This enables patients who used to travel to the big centres, to have their surgery performed locally.

The George Surgical Centre prides itself by being a “Centre of Excellence” for Eye Surgery, Hand Surgery, Plastic Surgery and specialized Day surgery.


  • Our staff have built up a consistent top-class reputation through their compassionate and professional care.
  • George Surgical Centre has more than 40 highly qualified and experienced staff, including registered nurses, enrolled nurses, auxiliary nurses, care workers, administrative, technical and cleaning staff.
  • Our nurses create a comforting and caring environment for all our patients and provide excellent service to our patients and surgeons.

Giving Back

We believe in supporting our community and supporting those in need. We support the following charities and events:

  • Lions Clubs International: Patients are referred from Lions Club for corneal transplants on patients in financial need, surgery performed at George Surgical Centre.
  • Rotary Club: Fund raising events for support of local communities focusing on health and education.
  • Hospice: Fund raising events to support cancer patients in need in our community.
  • Lunch Music Concert Series: Sponsorship to Dutch Reformed Church in George to support cultural growth and young performers of music in the local community who perform weekly during lunchtime.
  • Annual Plastic Surgery Day: To assist patients without financial means and who cannot be timeously assisted by the state facility.
  • Pro Deo work & George Surgical Centre Charity Trust: Our participating doctors are involved in extensive amount of Pro Deo work for patients in the communities who are in financial need, and in urgent need of surgery.
  • Staff programmes: We engage in an annual health and wellness program with our staff to encourage and support healthy lifestyle.
  • Annual Eyecare Awareness Month: All our eye surgeons embark on an annual project where more than 40 patients in need are referred from local State Hospitals for free Cataract Surgery at our facilities by our Eye Surgeons. These surgeries are done every year during September and October as part of Eye Care awareness month.
  • 2023 project – Keep a Girl in School (Heatherlands High School): Collaborating with our dedicated staff, we have contributed sanitary product packages to a local high school, aiming to foster hygiene practices and support both girls and boys in maintaining their education during challenging circumstances.